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My way of working with developing singers is quite unique.

Trained in Rock Opera techniques by Armande Altaï (Paris), in Jazz interpretation and improvisation by Militia Battlefield (USA), I also hold a DEUG in Culture, Communication & Musicology from the University of Paris VIII.


But I also learned a lot from my big brother musicians.


My initial training: Afro-Cuban percussion in the streets of Paris and the corridors of the metro, Afro Reggae choirs with my first boss Zoanet Côme-S , MCing, writing and Free Style Raggamufin in sound system with the late  Puppa Leslie , then interpretation of Jazz standards in the piano bar.

Then, in order to be able to understand the secrets of the great performers, apply them to my own work and explain them to my students, I went to study them very closely, to the nearest second.


So I did careful case studies on ProTools or Logic Audio, of artists like Mariah Carey, Maria Callas, Aretha Franklin, Usher, Whitney Houston, Karen Clark Sheard, Jodeci, Michael Jackson, Eric Benet, Ella Fitzgerald , or even Miles Davis or Archie Shepp...  

I have also worked in collaboration with phoniatrists and speech therapists, in particular Elisabeth Fresnel and Sophie Lair-Berreby , to master the notions of morphology and vocal health, and that my students progress in full knowledge of the facts and in safety.

I therefore based my teaching on these different axes: lyrical and Afro-American techniques, health, writing, improvisation, love of detail, creativity, versatility, and practical application in reality.

So I produced with my students hundreds of songs and 8 compilations, brought them on stage with top musicians, so that they could experience the reality of singing.

Always eager to study, learn, improve and create, I consider music as a Goddess, to whom to pay homage with tenderness and respect, and this is also what I transmit.


I teach enthusiasts of all levels; singers, rappers, toasters, comedians, poets and in general all voice professionals.

I worked in France, Spain and India, and now on the internet.



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