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The SisDee Company  accompanies youtowards  your empowerment,  in terms of learning, creativity  and production.


The principle is twofold:  invest in yourself  -  who better than  can you understand your needs and support you? - for you all to develop  azimuths, and  on the  music in itself, because it is so worth it, and you  will return a hundredfold.

In your  investments, always favor  as much as possible the professional equipment to  consumer equipment: an entry-level pro will always be superior to most products  intended for a wide audience.

But apart from  acquire this famous "gear" thanks to  to which so many achievements are possible, do not forget to  cultivate: the singer must also possess a  substantial background in morphological knowledge, but also historical, cultural, music theory, and of course, listening to artists who rock at all these levels;)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information,  accuracy, or if you want to add something to this necessarily non-exhaustive list.

The anatomical basis: knowing and preserving your vocal cords

Great classic written by the  doctor Fresnel of the Voice Laboratory , you will find plenty of information on morphology, vocal health, good habits to adopt, exercises and tips.

On this occasion we remind you that any singer, even a beginner, has everything to gain by consulting a phoniatrist.

And if you sing regularly, take care of your instrument by visiting it regularly -  all the more so in the event of a breakdown or any ENT condition.

Also note that food reflux is a major vector of vocal cord irritation, click here to learn more.

The vocal cords are fragile, their functioning is complex; entrust them to professionals.

Top book: The Novel of Jazz

Great reference of musical literature,  Philippe Gumplowicz  In 3 volumes, we embark on a history of jazz that can be read like a novel or like a vast historical fresco.

Epic  told in this part  takes place in five cities: New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago, New York and Paris. We see there appear and meet musicians such as Scott Joplin, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington...

A book  magic, with a downside for volume 3 devoted to French Jazz, very insufficiently documented on the Africans and Caribbeans who participated in its hexagonal rise.

Top series: Treme

Brilliant series too little known by  David Simon (The Wire), where on  4 seasons we  follow the  destinies  of an incredible gallery of characters, all as fascinating by  their  personality, their values, their hesitations, their life choices.  in the incredible setting of New Orleans, birthplace of Jazz.


The lawyer, the chef, the melting musician,  the black Indian chief, Baptiste who becomes a music teacher, the singing violinist, Baptiste's ex who wants to run his bar at all costs, the real estate developer who begins to like the people of the city and the starting point: the cyclone Katerina and its devastation.

As a bonus: musicians who in each episode play, rehearse, create... Masterful and full of lessons.

Solfège: two methods to learn and progress solo + accessories

The Rhythmic Solfege Method

Dante Agostini , Drummers' Bible  and simply a rhythmic Bible, to work with drumsticks, your hands, your voice...


If you are already halfway through the book  your understanding of rhythm will be greatly enhanced, and since rhythm is the basis of music...

The Melodic Solfeggio Van De Velde Method , very simple and effective, with a system of lessons in the form of questions/answers, allows you to progress quickly on your own.

So here are your two books of  bedside, 

practical at home, but also in the metro, the train, the plane...

And then we introduce you to your friend  for life, who by giving you the LA  vital will give you the key to all the other notes and to decipher your Van De Velde and the rest: the tuning fork .

Very good for developing the ear, and then its evocative magic also has quite a charm, for a very small cost.

Your allies for working on the Agostini - and showing off on public transport if so  : Drumsticks !

They will allow you to beat the tempo with your left hand while deciphering with your right.

Not super obvious at first but you get used to it and it's very good for the cerebral hemispheres ;) 

Last but NOT LEAST, the metronome with its beautiful old aesthetics, supports your regularity and rhythmic accuracy.

As for the pitches, you have to be RIGHT in rhythm, which requires practice.

There are electronic metronomes, but nothing beats mechanics...

The listening quality or  the  politeness of the musician

We start with the helmets, and 2 safe bets.  

The first, the  Sennheiser HD 212 Pro is the perfect example of the very correct entry level,  appreciable also because pads and jacks are removable. And it can be found used in the 20-30 €. We take this opportunity to introduce you to the mythical AudioFanzine site, brilliant for its files, tests, announcements...


As for the Beyerdynamic , it is very hot in the summer lol, but its definition is very good, which allows it  to be often used in the studio for mixing.

Level speakers, the great classic studios are the Yamaha  SH 5.  Active, they have their own amp and volume control, which is very practical, in addition to other specificities  which ensure a very defined sound and well distributed in the different frequencies.


Afterwards, everything is a question of taste and also of musical style, so go to the stores,   learn, test, and invest in the pearl that will successfully resonate with YOUR ear.

We work with sound:  the least you can do is have good listening quality at home. 

recording equipment,  for  create and progress

Having your own studio allows a use that depends only on your own choices. ; since 2007 SisDee  records all vocals at home, whether for her own albums, compilations she produces for her students, or case studies  which help to decipher the secrets of the great artists.

Obviously it has a cost, but the benefit is immeasurable, and then we can equip ourselves little by little.


The base is the famous Mac: it has the Garage Band multitrack software , which is very good for getting started and getting familiar with this kind of tool. You can actually start recording with your hands-free kit !

Then comes the time for better control, and therefore desires for sound quality: sound card, good microphone (therefore stand and anti-pop ), sound card...


And even why not invest in a  software like Melodyne, which allows you to correct wrong notes ;  therefore to release products that are 100% pleasant to listen to, but also  to work very finely on his ear and his accuracy.

Note for microphones, basic and versatile  Shure SM58 is  really not bad, but when you go to for example Beyerdynamic  the difference is striking: do not hesitate  not to go to music stores to test microphones.

SisDee's Divas Top 

Marcia Griffiths  (Bob Marley backing vocalist)

Album:  Truly

Mary J Blige

All albums up to  No More Drama

Celia Cruz

Album:  A Todos Mis Amigos

Maria Callas

Album: The Platinum Collection vol. 1

Wilhelmenia  Wiggins Fernandes

in the movie Diva  Jean Jacques Beineix

Helen Merrill

Album: Music  Makers

Concha Buika

Album:  Concha

Dee Dee Bridgewater

Album: Live In Paris

Anita Baker

Album:  The Songstress

Rachelle Ferrell

Album Individuality (Can I Be Me?)

Mariah Carey

Album: The Emancipation Of Mimi

Karen Clark Sheard

Title: Higher Ground with Missy Elliott

Lalah Hathaway

Live at New Morning in 2012 

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