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South America, May 19, 2021




Hello, and welcome to my site!

I have great news for you: 


I am preparing a podcast, in open and free access, which will be called "Improving Your Voice".

What will be very nice is that you can get to know my

pedagogy, my vocal coach methods, and ask me all your questions.

But beyond that, here is the purpose of this podcast:


Debunk together all these commonplaces of singing

who sow confusion, to clarify ideas and

highlight concrete solutions.


"Improving Your Voice" is aimed at all vocalists: singers, rappers,

comedians, poets, teachers, lecturers…

And here is what will be super cool:  


With each episode I will deliver a bonus, also free, with exercises, practical sheets and lots of essential information to improve your voice.

And then, I will also tell you about my journey over the years to inspire you, and show you that,


Yes, it's possible, you can make your dreams come true, you can live your passion and even live FROM your passion 7/7 and 24/24 for years.

We will start strong since the first shot that we will decipher together will undoubtedly be one of the biggest shots related to the voice:  "sing like a pan"

And what is great is that we will see that this shothorrible has real and very interesting foundations to evolve his voice.

Among the other topics on the program:  

Rise in the treble

have a beautiful voice

Overcome stage fright

The Divas


Sing with the belly

how to drill

Have a broken voice


And many more, that we will go back and forth to weigh the pros and cons, to distinguish the true from the false and to be clear in order to improve, again and again.

If you have ideas for themes for our podcast, or any other suggestions, don't hesitate and write to me at .

I also plan to invite voice professionals, singers, but also producers, doctors, singing teachers, choir directors... This will give us programs rich in information from all walks of life.

And then, I start working on online training, all of that takes a lot of time of course, but what a pleasure to sum up all these years spent in the service of Music, and to pass it all on to new generations!

And There you go ! I look forward to meeting you and helping you develop your talents! Above all, don't hesitate to send me a quick note to tell me what you think of all these beautiful projects, and for that I give you my email address: .

Thank you for your attention, be well, long live the Music, long live the song and see you soon!


Go For It Spring 2015 - Présentation
Go For It Winter 2015 - Team #1 : The Crazy Rising Vibes
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