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SisDee is a stage animal, of all styles provided that improvisation and sharing are kings: sound systems, concerts, jams or slam sessions
From 1992 she began to organize her own events, and to prolong the pleasure, very quickly she wanted them to be regular; first monthly, then weekly. Sound Sisters Unity Splash, Mix Up, Mix Out, Jam It Up, WE ♡ JAM, Word Up, Connections Afropéennes, Say It Loud Contest, Slam A l'Ancienne... So many concepts that SisDee has successfully created
and which have welcomed many artists and activists from the Parisian Underground, to the delight of the public.
Its finest achievement is the WE ♡ JAM concept, which will last for 3 years, every Monday in the bar-concert
"Les Cariatides" in Paris, and for which she also produced weekly video broadcasts on Youtube.
Flyers of events in which she participated as a singer, MC or organizer, and souvenir photos



From 2009 to 2013, the WE ♡ JAM Sessions took place every Monday at Les Cariatides, Paris 2, bringing together in a magical atmosphere musicians of all levels, all styles and geographical origins for sessions of improvisation and celebration of music. .

This event was the headquarters of the Afropean Factory, an Artistic Development collective created by SisDee, which brought together more than 500 artists, beginners to professionals, and allowed many first scenes, meetings, group creations and especially big big kifs.

A Youtube channel, with the weekly show summarizing each session, had been set up, filmed by Wallace Pixmaker, Habibou Ba, and edited by SisDee. More than 30 videos remain available to the public.


If you are a fan of Jam Sessions, connect to the Facebook group to find out in real time what Jams and open stages are taking place in the capital.

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